Art Studio tour and StencilGirl® storage idea

Over at StencilGirl® Talk this month the creative team share their studio/creative spaces and talk about stencil storage solutions. And it's been a while since I shared pictures of my studio, so here is a peek of what it looks like.

corners of my studio
This is my art desk, where I do most of my creative work and have a LOT of stuff going on here which I like to have in reach. Cups with brushes, pens, glue, paper, media etc. I have a different mug for different types of brushes - the Bowie mug holds all my watercolor brushes for example. And the i-pod dock is important - I always have music on when I am working on art journals. Thankfully I'm pretty good at keeping my work surface clean after a project and the blue traveler's notebook has the art journal I am currently working in.

corners of my studio
This is what it looks like when you open the door to my home studio - in our apartment we're lucky enough to each have our separate spaces for our creative work. So this room is packed to the brim with art stuff & I  even make good use of the window sill :)

corners of my studio 2
On the other side I have my writing desk which is packed with planners and notebooks. And of course fountain pens. The one thing I do not have here is a computer because I prefer to keep my studio as analog as possible. I also try to leave my phone out but as it's also my camera it's a bit difficult to maintain that.

corners of my studio
When you step to the right from that angle and face the wall you see my rubber stamp storage, wood mounted stamps. The clear/cling stamps are stored in ring binders. The open boxes contains media sprays and the tins have pigment powders. The lover cabinets placed together make a good extra work surface I use for spray/emboss/die cut work.

corners of my studio 4
In the drawer cabinets (which were gifted to me by dear friends whom moved away) I store items such as paints, mediums, masking tapes etc. Every drawer has a specific use and are all labeled. 

corners of my studio 5
Last thing I wanted to show is a shelf above my writing desk where I store my little collection of Cheetara of the Thundercats toys/figurines :) The one on the far right is an original one of the 1980's. I also have a few prints of her and love getting her drawn by various (comic) illustrators.

Over at my post at StencilGirl® I talk about stencil storage solutions and made a visual reference book of all the SG stencils I currently own. There is also a little video tutorial and flip through. Have a look if you're interested in seeing how I store my stencils & might find this useful for yourself.

That concluded the tour of my home art studio :)
Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome day!

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  1. Omg! Love your space and what you did with all your toys! What a dream place!


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