Craftorij Zomer Challenge

Well I have been a bit quiet on here, but that doesn't mean that nothing is being done ;) The craftorij zomer challenge has been going on in full swing and I have been doing the daily challenge prompts at my own pace. It's been going on for 3 weeks now and so far I have only shared CZC1- use two or more tags and CZC00 - use only green on my blog. I have been doing them randomly and have been posting on my flickr and instagram. But I though I'd share an weekly update on what I have been making here to chronicle it better. Since I already shared the CZC01 I'll start off with

CZC02 - Use a quote 
CZC02 - use a quote
It says 'Be loving, happy, spontaneous, curious, tender, but always be yourself'

CZC03 - Use Inchies

CZC03 - use inchies

The inchie stamps I used are from hero arts and they were on my 'to sell off' pile... 
I might reconsider selling them now...

CZC04 - Circus

CZC04 circus
 Was difficult to get started on this one so in the end I used one of my premade backgrounds.

CZC05 - your hobby room/space
CZC05 - your hobby room
This was inspired by my blue craft room and inspiration board

CZC06 - Upside Down

CZC06 - Humpty Dumpty - upside down
CZC06 humpty dumpty - upside down
The egg stamp is hand carved by me.

CZC07 - use only blue
CZC07 - use only blue
I do love the stampotique and carabelle stamp combination. 
Got the stamps at this year's art specially event.

My toughest challenge this week was Nr4 - Circus. I do not have anything or any feeling with this theme. and Nr7 all blue was challenging too. Blue is my fave color and that can be extra difficult. I actually made 2 different pieces on this theme, but the one I chose has the best result I was looking for.
If I had to pick a fave of the bunch it would be Nr. 5 - I love my blue room :) It was fun making the background and I like the composition of how it all came together. 
Out of these which one would you choose as your fave?

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