A Game of Bingo - a Lost Coast Design blogpost

My first blogpost on Lost Coaster's review is on. Would love it if you take a look :)

From march 11th to 30th we had a 50 shades of green bloghop at Lost Coaster's review. It was a lot of fun and a lot of great entries were submitted. Check out the winner!!! I had a lot of fun digging out all my green supplies for this project and make that mail art piece I showed a few weeks earlier. I ended up making the above mail art piece as well, and because it technically wasn't all green I didn't submit it to the bloghop. But I wanted to share with you how I made this piece of mail art anyhow. So hop on over to my 'A game of bingo' blog on Lost Coaster's review (which is my first contribution to the blog) to read what elements I used to make this mail art piece.

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