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Finished pieces #mailartsunday #mindfulmailart #snailmailrevolution #mailart
A few of my resolutions for this year include practicing my mindfulness meditations again 
and pick up on my mail art. While doing so in these past few months, I have discovered that these two go really well together.
Without actually noticing, my mail art sessions on Sundays have been a mindful practice. I am completely in the moment, at home in my blue craft room, at one with what I am creating. Most of the time I hardly actually think about what I am doing. And when I am starting I never know what the end result is going to be. Today was another one of those experiences. 
State of my desk at the moment as it's #mailartsunday :) #creativity #junkymailart #snailmailrevolution
I woke up this morning with the urge to do a few of my junky mail art pieces. The process for this is usually always the same. I have 2 boxes near my desk in which I save all kinds of scraps and crap like ticket stubs, receipts, used postage stamps, flyers, folders, left over paper pieces, scraps received in swaps etc. etc. for mail art. Honestly, I can never throw anything away because 'OMG, what if I end up needing it?!' Yeah, it's an issue, I know. But it's art therapy anyhow ;) I take a handful of scraps from the boxes and just go to work on making a collage (My uhu glue sticks and a pizza or cereal box I saved are my best buddies in this endeavor) and rummage through the 'junk' boxes again to get more stuff when I got a 'theme' or 'feeling' going.

Since I have been meditating again every evening since the end of january, I started recognizing the 'state' I am in while doing these collages. It's a state of utter 'being'. Or as one usually describe it as 'being in a (creative) flow'. Things just happen. Things just click together. A boost of creative energy arises and in a few hours without even noticing the time passed I have produced a bunch of 'junky mail art' pieces. This to me is living fully in the moment and experiencing utter happiness.
The following words also arose from that stillness within. It seems like the universe is responding to the inner turmoil I have been experiencing lately...

Just be, life answers in kindness
Just be, life answers in kindness


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