Pens and Ink: Omas Ogiva Alba Orange with Private Reserve Shoreline Gold OS

Ogiva Alba Orange with fine extra flessible nib inked with Private Reserve Shoreline Gold. @gouletpens #mondaymatchupgiveaway #mondaymatchup #gouletpens #ogivaalba #fountainpen #funtainpen #fpgeeks #fountainpennetwork #fpn

After hearing the sad news of the Omas company, I'm going to dedicate the next few weeks of Pens and Ink to my Omas pens. I did a tribute post of them last week. You can read about the situation around Omas in this blogpost on Peneconomics.

In a previous post I had already showed you my Omas Ogiva Blue Angel (from the cocktail series) and today I'll post another Ogiva in my collection; The Ogiva Alba Orange. It's in the Limited Edition range of the from the Aurora Borealis series. You can read more about these pens here.

Ogiva alba orange
This pen is a beautiful dark orange and I thought a great shading ink would go well with it. I picked Private Reserve Shoreline Gold and it's the older version of the ink. It's a more brown to deep orange (burnt sienna) tone than the new formula.

Comparison of the old and new formula of PR shoreline gold. @inkblobs I gave you a bottle of the one right, so @thepencilcaseblog that is what you inked your pen with at the #tilburgpenshow :)

A comparison of the old and new versions of shoreline gold. I'm not sure when they changed the formula, but I think the newer version is much closer to Orange Crush. And the older version does have a lot more shading. 
Ogiva alba orange
These are Limited editions and Omas only made 327 of them. The number is inscribed on the section of the pen. As you can see my pen has the number 272.
A thing of beauty, Omas extra flessible nibs. #Omas #ogivaalba #orange #fountainpen #fpgeeks #fountainpennetwork #FPN #flexnib #flexywriting
The Omas nibs are definitely a thing of beauty and this Extra Flessible nib in fine gives a lovely line variation. It will give you that extra flourish in your every day writing. 

Some happy colors on this rainy gray day #colorcoordination #omas #ogivaalba #auroraborealis #fountainpen #funtainpen #fpgeeks #fountainpennetwork #fpn
I had my nails polished with Essie's RRRoarange the day I got it, so yeah I had to take a fun pens and polish picture. The pen below the Orange Alba is the Jade Green Ogiva Alba which will be featured in next weeks Pens and Ink.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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