stamp carving workshop

stamp carving class, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

The 5th edition of the stamp carving workshop I taught at Shop Elle Aime on May 13th (mother's day) was another great success & super fun :)
 everyone went home with a nice hand carved stamp.
Thanks for joining in and the 'Gezelligheid' everyone :)


the art of letter writing...

I started writing letters when I was 13 years old. Over the years I had over a 100 different pen pals from 30+ different countries. There was nothing more exciting then to receive a long letter from a friend from overseas. I kept on writing letters until well in my mid to late 20s and then I just abruptly stopped. I couldn't find the time anymore, to sit down a write a 'proper' letter. And with the digital era making it easier to connect with friends through Facebook, twitter, flickr, messenger and what not, writing a letter seemed redundant... but recently I've really stared to miss it.