Spring cleaning in january

Destashing Stickers, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

Well as you all might know, I was an avid kawaii collector up until I think 6 years ago. I only bought something if it was really to my liking and since 2 years or more, I haven't bought anything anymore. recently I was thinking, well it's just going to sit around here and if I don't use it, i might as well make some other people happy with it. So last week I listed about 30 of my sticker sacks/sheets on my etsy destash section. I'm still going through them in phases of which ones I want to let go. So there will be more batch updates from time to time. Keep an eye on it if you're interested. 
It's mostly going to be stickers and maybe some loose sets of memo's/lettersheets, not whole sets or blocks because etsy doesn't allow that kind of stationery for sale. I might get a store-envy account to sell those sometime this year. But for now, the stickers are going like hot cakes. So grab them while you can!

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