a good luck color combo?

Loving my new sephora nail polish I bought yesterday! 
Duo toning with 'my vintage sweater' and 'want to be a star' - I think they fit quite well together. Did this to cheer me up a bit, was a bit down in the dumps because I'm nearly hitting my 2 month mark of being unemployed. Then the strangest thing happened. 
After I did my nail polish I got called for a job interview, or well a meeting for a possible job interview, at an agency. The meeting is tomorrow and they explicitly asked me if I was available right away. And I'm thinking this must be a good luck color combo! I'll just leave it this way and not revert to one color for tomorrow. yeah I'm superstitious that way ;) At least it'll show a little bit of personality in this uniform society. Right? :)


  1. Oh wow good luck! And: never change a winning team! :-)

    1. thank you Rivka :) and you're totally right :)


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