Stamp Carving Workshop - part 2!

stamp carving workshop at shop elle aime 11/9/11

A few weeks ago we had another fun sunday afternoon at Shop Elle Aime! On sunday september 11th we had our second installment of the stamp carving workshop at the fun little shop at ROTABS style Centre in Rotterdam. The first installment was this past May.
There were 14 participants this time, we moved out the tables to the hallway for more space and the carving festivities could begin :) 

For more pictures of the fun day and to see the end results, see this link.

We're planning for another workshop this year, so if you're interested in participating, stay tuned for the date :)

Thanks to all participants for their hard work and lovely hostess Lisa Manuels for the fab location & yummy treats. Thank you all for making this yet again a wonderful and creative day :)


  1. This looks so great :) I was so sad to hear I missed it, so I'm very excited that there will be another workshop this year!!! :)

  2. Hi Jenny, thanks for your lovely comment :) the date for another workshop is set, it's nov 13th! for more info http://elleaimeworkshops.blogspot.com/2011/10/workshop-diy-gifts-packaging-23-okt.html Would be lovely if you could join in :)


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