Work In Progress

Been hard at work for a while!
After 24 hours of drying, all these gems are being turned into 
magnets, pendant, pinbacks or bobby pins. 

Been working hard to have some new stuff for the AMS*DIY - the 2011 Urban Art & Craft Festival at the ABC Treehouse  Which is this weekend, July 2nd and 3rd in Amsterdam. 
 And because of this event, the window display at the American Book Center at the Spui  in Amsterdam had a little facelift for this weekend. Fun is that some of our stuff is being displayed at the center left window. 

Was really fun to set up and such a great opportunity for my stuff to be seen by a wider audience :)

By the way, there are still some seats left for my stamp carving workshop on July 3rd (from 3-4:30 pm) So if you want to learn how to carve  your own stamps, do make a reservation :) With this workshop you will receive a starter's kit so that after the workshop you can continue to work at home :) 

For more info on the event, see the flyer

So I hope that, if you're in the aria, you'll 
stop by and get your DIY on :) 

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