The umbrella girl

This stamp is designed & carved by my sweetie. The way he did the shadow parts and the frilly dress is just awesome! The tools he used for this one is mainly a tool used for woodcutting, it's a very fine and sharp tool that can create these fine lines. I still have to try to use it to make a stamp of my own, but I doubt it would come out this great as he made it ;) I should take a materials update picture soon!

He will also be there for the workshops about stamp carving, I talked about in my last post :) And I'm happy to announce that now the workshop on the 29th of may is completely booked as well :) Another one will be given in July, but I'll inform you about that later when it's 100% sure (now it's only like 95% sure ;)
One this is 100% a go I'll inform you and you can sign up for the stamp carving workshop then :) So stay tuned!


  1. This stamp is amazing! How fun that the two of you share a love and talent for this artform :)

    Congrats on your workshops filling up so quickly!

  2. thank you cameron! It is a fun hobby to share indeed :)


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