Stamp Carving Workshops in May!

Been a very busy few months! Lots of fun new stuff  I'm working on , some I can't reveal just yet.... but it's going to be really great :D For now I'm happy to announce that I'm going to give a few workshops about stamp carving in the month of may :) YAY!

Fist off on may 9th in co-operation with Etsy Labs in The Netherlands, I'll be co-hosting the 3rd ever etsy labs in here in NL together with a bookbinder and fellow etsian, Caro from Honoriginal. Caro is going to teach Japanese bookbinding and I am going to teach stamp carving. The Etsy labs is an open creative environment open for all, young and old, and I'm really happy these are also being held in my small country now :) For more information about the Labs see here Etsy Labs Bookbinding and Stamp Carving (this information is written in Dutch) The registry is now closed for the event on this coming Monday, with a whopping 68 people on the attendance list! I was really floored when I heard about the enthusiastic response :D Going to be a very busy but fun day :)

Some of my carved stamps and tools

Then in the same month I'll be giving a more detailed hand carved stamp workshop in a yet to be opened shop, Elle Aime which is run my the lovely Lisa Manuels (remember I made a fox stamp for her a while back?). She asked me if I could teach some stamp carving workshops in her shop and of course I said yes :) The first one is on the 29th of may and it's open for only 10 people! There are already 5 applicants, so if you want to join in the fun, hurry up and sign up! Here is all the info you need to sign up Stamp Carving Workshop By Kitty Darkness Designs at Shop Elle Aime. (This post is in Dutch too)

We also made a stamp of the shop logo of Elle Aime :)

So fun creative workshops are planned for this month! 
Sign up for the workshop if you;re interested, while you still can!
I hope to see some of you in person soon:)

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