Stamp Carving Workshop at Shop Elle Aime

Students hard at work :)
This past sunday my boyfriend and I gave a stamp carving workshop in a very inspiring surrounding, Lisa Manuel's shop Elle Aime :) 

 look how beautiful and inspiring this shop space is!

We taught about 12 people how to carve their own stamps. Yes a lot smaller than the etsy workshop with 60 people but definitely just as fun :) Everyone had a lovely creative afternoon and they all went home with a self made hand carved stamp (and maybe other cute goodies they bought at the really awesome shop!:) 
After they were finished with their stamps I asked them to stamp it in a book for safe keeping and future reference :) 
Here are some results;
made by mai

made by lisa

 made by reina, petra and bep :) 

See more pictures of the day on my flickr set here :)
Thanks to all participants and Lisa for being the host (and very yummy homemade brownies!) this day couldn't have been made possible without you all :) And because this was such a great success, more stamp carving workshops will be given in the near future!
Stay tuned for the dates!

Also see Lisa Manuels's Blog and Kim Welling's Blog about this day as well :)


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  2. (sorry, I removed my last comment by accident)

    I wish I was there: such a great workshop!


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