Etsy Labs!

 Etsy Labs, Leiden, the netherlands
stamp carving work shop attendees ;) 

Last night was really amazing! It was the night of the 3rd Etsy Labs in The Netherlands :) I'm proud to have been a co-host :) I taught stamp carving techniques and Caro from Honoriginal taught the attendees book binding! Together with Marta from Etsy set up a space which we had on loan from the Open Makers at the Aalmarkt in Leiden for our 60 attendees. The evening began early and it was busy!! There were people from all over the country, even as far from Breda and Arnhem :) Creativity was flowing and a lot of people went home happy with a hand carved stamp & a hand bound book. 

Miss Minoes with her hand made goods 
at the Etsy Labs in Leiden

 I would like to thank everyone who attended for coming to this event and sharing your creativity with us! I really loved the creative energy that was overflowing there! all of you made this evening a great success!
Of course this evening wouldn't be possible without Etsy & the Open Makers Leiden so a heart felt thank you to them as well!

For more pictures of the evening see

If you're in the Netherlands or Belgium and would like more info on the next Etsy Labs please visit the Nederlandse Etsy Community team on etsy :)


  1. I even see a man at the table!

  2. oh there were several male attendees ;)

  3. It was very refreshing to do something creative that was out of the box of my usual activities. I got so many new stamp ideas! I bought a dozen erasers at Hema to get me started. =^x^=

  4. I'm happy it was refreshing and inspiring :) I would love to see your finished stamps Ama, you really did a great job on your first try!!


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