Stamp Carving Workshop at Shop Elle Aime

Students hard at work :)
This past sunday my boyfriend and I gave a stamp carving workshop in a very inspiring surrounding, Lisa Manuel's shop Elle Aime :) 

 look how beautiful and inspiring this shop space is!

We taught about 12 people how to carve their own stamps. Yes a lot smaller than the etsy workshop with 60 people but definitely just as fun :) Everyone had a lovely creative afternoon and they all went home with a self made hand carved stamp (and maybe other cute goodies they bought at the really awesome shop!:) 
After they were finished with their stamps I asked them to stamp it in a book for safe keeping and future reference :) 
Here are some results;
made by mai

made by lisa

 made by reina, petra and bep :) 

See more pictures of the day on my flickr set here :)
Thanks to all participants and Lisa for being the host (and very yummy homemade brownies!) this day couldn't have been made possible without you all :) And because this was such a great success, more stamp carving workshops will be given in the near future!
Stay tuned for the dates!

Also see Lisa Manuels's Blog and Kim Welling's Blog about this day as well :)


A cloudy day

a cloudy day, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

I made this mobile plush a while back, and it actually suits the weather today. Handmade with felt and ribbon, decorated with hand carved stamp. A true OOAK piece. The rain was difficult to co-ordinate but I think it worked out ok :)


cleaning up kawaii stuff

cleaning up kawaii stuff, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
A lovely sunday afternoon in spring and well, time for some spring cleaning, right? I decided to let a bunch of kawaii stamp sets go. kamio, qlia, sanx, sanrio to name a few brands. most of them have never been used. it's a shame they are in a box and not ever being used :P so destashing it is on my etsy. A few are added and a few more will be added later today :) Some are rare and harder to find these days so grab your chance while you can ;)


ETSYNL front page

ETSYNL front page, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
Since a few months now, Etsy also offers to view the homepage in a few different languages. Besides English, German and French, I can set my etsy homepage to Dutch :) And it was a nice surprise to see one of my items being featured in the treasury on the Dutch homeplage :) My first FP feature, yay :D


Etsy Labs!

 Etsy Labs, Leiden, the netherlands
stamp carving work shop attendees ;) 

Last night was really amazing! It was the night of the 3rd Etsy Labs in The Netherlands :) I'm proud to have been a co-host :) I taught stamp carving techniques and Caro from Honoriginal taught the attendees book binding! Together with Marta from Etsy set up a space which we had on loan from the Open Makers at the Aalmarkt in Leiden for our 60 attendees. The evening began early and it was busy!! There were people from all over the country, even as far from Breda and Arnhem :) Creativity was flowing and a lot of people went home happy with a hand carved stamp & a hand bound book. 

Miss Minoes with her hand made goods 
at the Etsy Labs in Leiden

 I would like to thank everyone who attended for coming to this event and sharing your creativity with us! I really loved the creative energy that was overflowing there! all of you made this evening a great success!
Of course this evening wouldn't be possible without Etsy & the Open Makers Leiden so a heart felt thank you to them as well!

For more pictures of the evening see

If you're in the Netherlands or Belgium and would like more info on the next Etsy Labs please visit the Nederlandse Etsy Community team on etsy :)


The umbrella girl

This stamp is designed & carved by my sweetie. The way he did the shadow parts and the frilly dress is just awesome! The tools he used for this one is mainly a tool used for woodcutting, it's a very fine and sharp tool that can create these fine lines. I still have to try to use it to make a stamp of my own, but I doubt it would come out this great as he made it ;) I should take a materials update picture soon!

He will also be there for the workshops about stamp carving, I talked about in my last post :) And I'm happy to announce that now the workshop on the 29th of may is completely booked as well :) Another one will be given in July, but I'll inform you about that later when it's 100% sure (now it's only like 95% sure ;)
One this is 100% a go I'll inform you and you can sign up for the stamp carving workshop then :) So stay tuned!


Stamp Carving Workshops in May!

Been a very busy few months! Lots of fun new stuff  I'm working on , some I can't reveal just yet.... but it's going to be really great :D For now I'm happy to announce that I'm going to give a few workshops about stamp carving in the month of may :) YAY!

Fist off on may 9th in co-operation with Etsy Labs in The Netherlands, I'll be co-hosting the 3rd ever etsy labs in here in NL together with a bookbinder and fellow etsian, Caro from Honoriginal. Caro is going to teach Japanese bookbinding and I am going to teach stamp carving. The Etsy labs is an open creative environment open for all, young and old, and I'm really happy these are also being held in my small country now :) For more information about the Labs see here Etsy Labs Bookbinding and Stamp Carving (this information is written in Dutch) The registry is now closed for the event on this coming Monday, with a whopping 68 people on the attendance list! I was really floored when I heard about the enthusiastic response :D Going to be a very busy but fun day :)

Some of my carved stamps and tools

Then in the same month I'll be giving a more detailed hand carved stamp workshop in a yet to be opened shop, Elle Aime which is run my the lovely Lisa Manuels (remember I made a fox stamp for her a while back?). She asked me if I could teach some stamp carving workshops in her shop and of course I said yes :) The first one is on the 29th of may and it's open for only 10 people! There are already 5 applicants, so if you want to join in the fun, hurry up and sign up! Here is all the info you need to sign up Stamp Carving Workshop By Kitty Darkness Designs at Shop Elle Aime. (This post is in Dutch too)

We also made a stamp of the shop logo of Elle Aime :)

So fun creative workshops are planned for this month! 
Sign up for the workshop if you;re interested, while you still can!
I hope to see some of you in person soon:)


And the winner is...

Thank you all for participating in the easter egg giveaway :)
Now it's time to select a winner!
To recap this was the prize; an egg hand carved stamp
and acrylic block;

The participants were;
Dina Fragola x2
Lisa x1
Blue Eyed Night Owl x2
Toupti x2
Natalie x2
Mieke x1
Jen O x3
Kate x9
Hoodwinked x3
beau x2
Noni x1
so in total 28 entries over 11 participants

The names were entered in the randomizer list and then juggled 
with this being the result