Sunday Market!

Hand Stamped Goodie bags 
Been very busy these past few days preparing for my first ever Sunday Market! I've been a bit stressed as I thought I didn't have enough stuff to bring with me, seeing my bigger plushies are being sold at the hobbyiaan in Schiedam. 
So I've been making some completely new products for the market. 
Want to know what they are? 

Come by at the 
Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam 
on April 3rd from 12-18 o'clock
to do some funky easter shopping :) 

And to celebrate the fact it's my first market there, I'm giving away fun goodie bags to the first 20 costumers that buy something at my stall!! 

 Fun filled goodie bags for the first 20 customers!!!

Don't the bags look cute? I esp. made the stamp to decorate the bags with :) 

Hand Carved Stamp esp. made for the Sunday Market event! 

Hope to see you this sunday :) 


  1. Those bags are adorable!!! I hope it all went well :D

  2. thank you cameron! it went alright! i didn't expected it to be so massive! almost 200 stalls!! but i'm definitely going a next time in the summer :)

  3. This is the best thing about being a carver. Any personalized design, any time :)

  4. euphoria; that is most definitely true :)


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