A sunny day off

Woodland necklaces, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

Today was a really beautiful day and I decided to re-take some product pictures and this is the end result. I have this huge polkadot cup which I thought would make a good prop. Re-took pictures of the woodland necklaces (which are on sale now :) and the blue Alice earrings which I recently listed. 

I also made a lot of pictures of items I have yet to list! Slowly but surely they will be on my etsy! New necklaces, earrings and hand carved stamps are in the line to be listed! I just need to edit the 200+ pictures i took today, yeah it's a lot to shift through! But stay tuned for new goods and a possible giveaway for my birthday this month :)

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  1. Those polka dots are perfect for the whimsical colors and style of your jewelry....great job!

    We all know it's about the pictures on Etsy!


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