Inspiration hides in little corners of your home

organizing craft supplies, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
We've all been there, feeling lackluster and nothing creative flows out of your hands. I've been a little uninspired to make things lately. Something I love to do when I feel a tad bit uninspired to craft, I like to go through my craft supplies and organize them :) It's always fun seeing all the wonderful bold colors, discovering things you had which you forgot you actually had ;) It's a definite mood booster! And seeing all the supplies all neatly stacked and ordered, gives me a little push to go make it all a mess again ;)

What little things do you do, to get your creativity going again?

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  1. I look thru my tear sheets and idea doodles...sometimes there's an idea that jumps out at me, ready to finally come to life :)


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