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A Call for all crafters!

I’ll be attending another hand made craft market on November 28th  in Groningen the netherlands and I thought of something fun to promote your own handmade goods business. I’ll be making a little goodie bag to give to people at the craft market with their purchase. It’s a market esp. for Sinterklaas / Saint Nicholas (a very popular holiday in NL) and Christmas shoppers so it’s going to be crowded (well that is the expectation!!) I am planning on making about 25 goodie bags (with at least 10-15 different goodies in them) to hand out to people with a purchase. I’m calling out to all crafters world wide with their own little business to participate in this goodie bag!

 What's in it for you?:
Hand made and DIY is taking over globally and it’s moving in a rapid pace. I’m noticing in here in The Netherlands, more people are shopping with a tighter budget but still want something unique and durable. Unique recycled and environment friendly made products are higher in demand by consumers now than in mass produced made goods. That means that more people shop locally and try to find goods made with a personal touch. So this would be a great opportunity to market your own small little business which you have on etsy, dawanda, artfire, or whatever small art supporting business you are selling on.  By participating in this goodie bag you have the chance to reach out to customers whom esp. seek out to buy handmade goods aren’t familiar with your shop yet. Etsy for instance is getting really well known in NL and is being promoted by various lifestyle magazines like the FLOW and the Happinez.  Etsy even had a few meetings with the Dutch handmade community in Holland which I am a part of.  However people are most likely to shop at internet stores if they have seen a sample of a product for them selves. With participating in this goodie bag you’re also helping with raising awareness about wonderful home made and hand made items and how people can obtain them globally via the internet.

What do you have to do to be in this goodie bag:
  • Have an own little shop, weather it is on etsy, dawanda, artfire, ecrater, etc. doesn’t matter. Only things that matters is that you sell *handmade* mostly and it’s your OWN shop.
  • Make something small and easy but uniquely your own (like a 1 inch button, hairpin, brooch, cell charm, magnet, a print of an ACEO, postcard, stickers, mailing labels, etc. something that is easy to make multiples of and doesn’t cost you much to make but still is of good quality.)
  • You must be willing to send me at least 10-15 items minimum (it doesn’t have to be the same item 15x over, what you make and how many is up to you, but I need at least 10 goodies from you.)
  • Attach the goodie to your (business) card where your name and shop name is clearly written on.
  • Items have to be here in my home on nov 23rd at the latest.

Only (business) cards with goodies attached to them will be added in the goodie bag. See this as providing a little sample of your work to possible new customers. So don’t send me your business cards alone, that is not a goodie after all. You are welcome to add discount codes for your store, but they don’t count as a ‘goodie’.

I hope that many of you readers will participate. My goal is to make 25 goodie bags each with 10-15 different goodies. So hopefully enough people will sign up for this. Please only sign up if you are committed to go though with this because I will depend on you to go through with this. You have as of now 20 days to make your goodies and send them on time to me. It might be tight but see it as a fun challenge ;) Please comment below with your email address and shop link if you are willing to participate. I’ll contact you with my mailing address to send the goodies to. EDIT: If you're outside EU then I think the last day for you to send out is November 13th so it gets to me on time.

Thanks for reading! And hopefully you’ll be inspired to participate :)

ETA 25/11/2020
Participators so far:

 1) Drachenfrau's sweetie ;) - goodies received 12/11
2) Tanglecrafts - recieved 23/11
3) Rengawk - received 20/11
4) kimminita - goodies received 8/11
5) Colors of my world - received 20/11
6) Bobbeez - goodies received 9/11
7) lisa manuels - goodies received 5/11
8) Janis - received 20/11
9) Rianne - goodies received 9/11
10) Ozowiezo (via twitter) - goodies received 13/11
11) Craftgasm (via swapbot) 
12) jojojanneka (via Twitter) - goodies received 10/11
13) ZSBcreations (via Twitter) - received 20/11
14) OrangeDelight (via Etsy Dutch team) - received 18/11
15) Agonysdecay CANCELLED
16) Drachenfrau - goodies received 12/11
17) Evelyn - goodies received 11/11
18) buechertiger (via Etsy Euro Team) - received 17/11
19) Dutchhandmade team postcards - received 10/11 
20) Iced Moments (Jennie) - received 23/11
21) KolibrieKado (via Etsy Dutch team) - received 23/11

thanks so much everyone for being so awesome and sending in on time! I made 23 bags each filled with 10-13 goodies :) Let's hope they will be all handed out on the craft fair on the 28th :)