When Twitter Fails...

Isn't it incredibly frustrating when you are trying to tweet and suddenly, a big fat whale carried by teeny tiny birds appears on your screen? This happened to me more than I would like to care for and at one point I just saved the image because, well it was a cute and I'm a sucker for things that are cute. A few night ago I finally had the time to sit down and carve a stamp from the image. And this is the result:

Now something cute to make with this stamp. Suggestions?


  1. I'm not sure what to do with it...other than love the fact that you are just an awesome carver!

    It is a darling image :)

  2. oh, you mean the fail whale? haha Yiying Lu made that illustration, I hear she has her own store for the famous illustration, a zazzle store I think. :D

  3. I would sent these pictures to someone that works on twitter preferably in marketing. Tell them you made Twitter fan art. If you are lucky they will link to you or promote you on twitter and you will get loads of traffic.

    Btw it is really lovely :)


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