Making stock!

Been very busy since returning from vacation with making stock for the craft market I will be at next weekend. I'm also really nervous about not having enough stuff to fill my booth with (thank goodness it's only 2meters now instead of 4!!) I'm constantly making things, after work and during the weekends that I barely have enough time for anything else. 

Here are some things I have made so far:

 Kawaii magnets made from beer bottle caps

Hand Carved stamps mounted on wood

Packaging for earrings

On the 25th of September, if you're in Amsterdam stop by at the Oosterpark from 1pm until 9 pm to see what else I've made :)


  1. I love it! What a shame I can't make it on Saturday. Are you planning any other markets?

  2. Wow, those all look fab! I hope that you have a great time at the craft market and sell a bunch.

  3. @Tina too bad you couldn't come yesterday. I will do a sinterklaas market in Groningen in november next :)
    @Longvacation & Tizzalicious thank you :)


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