A fun Day at the Crafty Markt!

 So yesterday was the day, my first ever appearance on a crafty market. in spite of the weather being really unpredictable, a lot of rain but still sunshine in between, it was a fairly okay day. there were people all through out the day from 1pm and onwards but we stayed until 8pm instead of 9pm because it was just a too long of a day. setting up the booth was a little more stressful than I thought, but I think we (my bf helped a lot) managed quite well :) I'm really happy with the over all look of the booth, we filled 2 meters up and I'm glad to report the sales pretty okay too :) Of course I squandered any profit we made by buying some awesome handmade goodies for myself there, but really when in Rome, buy handmade stuff from other dutch etsians/artists... right? ;) 

Here are some pictures of the KDD booth

 the banner from Vistaprint came right on time for the event :)

post earrings and necklaces
The other side of the booth with pouches and stamps

 different rings with my hand made ring holders.

Now relaxing until the next market in november ;) Also I'll be listing some stuff that has not been sold to my etsy the next few weeks :)


  1. Oh, how I wish I could attend. Your booth looks delicious!

    Will you be listing the kitty dolls in your Etsy shop? Or maybe you'd fancy to swap for one?

  2. Irit, thank you dear :) I will list smaller versions of the kitties in my etsy shop in the future (the bigger ones would be too expensive to ship out of EU) at the moment i'm not swapping my stock due to the markets, but if you see anything you'd like to have and is not listed on my etsy yet, i could custom list it for you :)

    dank je wel Lisa :)


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