An update!

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's august already! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! Time just flies when you're hard at work! But at the end of august I'm looking forward to some relaxation time myself. Taking a little summer break in the Scandinavian forest just to relax and feel at peace in the woods :)

My regular day job has been keeping me really busy, but I've managed to make some more new items for my etsy shop. I've been updating a little more this july and I wanted to share the creations with you all here too :)
I've added some new
hand carved stamps to the shop and I'm also taking some custom orders for these now! I've been making them together with my boyfriend and we're enjoying this relaxing hobby together :)

An example we made this Hello Kitty Address Stamp for a friend of mine in Germany.

it's mounted on an acrylic block with EZ mount cling on the back.

We made this stamp for someone who wanted one of their characters made as a stamp
The character's name is meanie and designed by Caroline Oaks. This stamp is mounted on wood.

We really enjoy making stamps, so if you have a special request for them feel free to contact me about any idea's you might want a stamp out of!

I've also made some new items for the shop using the prints of my own carved stamps to make cute earrings!

These are all available on my etsy as well as some rings and cell charms of the same designs :)

I hope you all enjoy these new products and in honor of my 100th sale and being on etsy for 2 years I'll be doing a give away really soon this august! so stay tuned!


  1. Oooh - I LOVE the things you make! So cute!!! I'm a huge fan of Little Red Riding Hood items, as well as hand carved stamps.
    I came here following your link in the Swap-Bot Forum.

  2. Wow, you make realy amazing stamps. They're so pretty. It amazing how you can get the lines so fluent.

    greetz, Adriana

  3. thank you so much for your sweet comments Wanda and Adriana :)

  4. Lovely Stamps, I love the earrings!
    Mrs Whiffin
    Swapbot x

  5. How very talented you are! I think your Hello Kitty stamp turned out beautifully. I am weaning myself of my HK addiction, otherwise I would be all over that stamp. :)


  6. Ekk! So cute! You make really amazing things!! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! I hope to see more things soon from your blog! Im following u as honeybear1 just incase haha! (Links to this blog) xx

  7. The address stamp is genius! Your skill is truly amazing!

    Keep on Creating!


    AKA: PaintMyselfPretty
    Blog me up Baby/Swap-bot


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