Stamp Carving - a Greater Challenge

I was struggling with a decision about a stamp I really wanted to carve, but was too intimidated by the design to give it a try. Well a while back I just sat down and just went for it and I wanted to share the result with you here.

First it took me a while to get it started, with sizing the design and tracing with tracing paper and pencil then transferring the image on to the carving block, as you can see on the picture here

The swirls were complicated but I managed to get through them, with a lot more patience than I thought I had ;) After 3 hours the result is this

and I'm pretty happy with the result :) I've decided to stamp her on items I'll be selling on my etsy.

I was looking for a phone slip for my Samsung Galaxy S and the sleeves for Iphone are just a little too small so I made one for myself and offer one up at my etsy and will make more in different colors soon. I love how the print looks on the faux leather fabric :)


  1. Whoaa, ziet er moeilijk uit ja! Maar het is mooi geworden :)

    En je moet vaker bloggen, dat is leuk! :D

  2. Hello!
    I just love your things, those earrings and all! How wonderful!!

    Anni (jekkuanni from Swap-bot)

  3. Hi! those are really wonderful! That looks like it took a lot of patience to make. ^___^
    I'm planning on making one soon after final exams. Maybe something more simpler than that. hehe

    Camz (happyrocketfingers from swapbot)

  4. OMG! Via Swap-bot (Blog me up baby - a blogger follower swap) bij jou blog gekomen en mijn mond viel echt helemaal open van die mooie stempel!!!Zo gaaf en wat een geduld om daar 3 uren op te zitten...

  5. Love that stamp and so happy to have found your blog! Can't wait to see all of your creations!

    faizazarin from swap-bot

  6. Oh my god i love that!!!!! Her hair is awesome!

  7. You did a great job on that, I've thought about making my own stamps I'm just not sure that I have the patience.

    Craftymom85- Blog me up baby swap

  8. I love your blog...very creative! Danajeanward from swap-bot

  9. Wow! You create your own stamps. You do gorgeous work. I'm following!

    Jill of jillysstuff/Swap-bot

  10. I think your sleeves are really awesome, however it all looks great! :-)

  11. i would never be able to do that!

  12. That is just too neat! I wish I had the patience to do stuff like that. Cute!

    xxpenguinscanflyxx from SwapBot - Blog Me Up, Baby

  13. That turned out great! I've not attempted anything that complicated....but you've made me think I should try...maybe...haha!

    Looks great on your items for sale :)


    Blog me up Baby/Swap-bot

  14. thank you for the great comments everyone :)

  15. Wow, amazing you managed to get so much detail into your stamp. Beautiful.

    greetz, Adriana


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