GIVEAWAY!! Win this rilakkuma hand carved stamp!!

A random QUICK giveaway for this wednesday! How to win: Go to my Twitter , Follow me, then retweet this message! I will Pick a winner at Random under my followers at Twitter who retweeted me! I will pick a winner TOMORROW MORNING!!! AKA Thursday August 26th 2010 at 10am CET, so be quick :D


  1. I follow you and I retweet you on twitter, can't wait till tomorrow!

  2. How fun!...but alas, I'm am technologically flawed and have no clue how to tweet...what a sad little birdie...lol!

  3. thank you for participating Brenda!

    Cameron, if you have a twitter account you can use the tweet button on this post above to retweet :)

  4. Een prechtige stempel!
    Ik ben alleen zelf niet van de stempels, geen idee wanneer te gebruiken...
    Maar veel plezier met de give away! :)


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