A quick hello!

To let you all know that I'm still around! I just received a comment on the 'great little blog I have here' (thanks Hence72) so I really should update this thing more! I shall try, I shall try!!

The past few month have been quite hectic, we've moved house, I turned 30 and the day job is still quite busy. Never the less I'm still crafting, which I'm really happy about! Also added a few new items to the etsy store, like

moleskine books

'Little Red Lost in the Forest' (this one sold :D)

hand carved stamps

'Kawaii Smile Alice in Wonderland'
This stamp is carved by my sweetheart :) I'm glad that he shares my crafting endeavors :)

And postcards

'Rilakkuma and his little friends'
postcards made of pictures of Rilakkuma while traveling :)

So while it has been a bit quiet on the blog front, it hasn't been quiet at the crafting and etsy front :)

Well since it is my day off today I'm going to some more crafting :)
Thank you all for still following this blog and your support at my etsy shop! It does mean a lot to me!

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