Here's to a happy 2009!

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged but I'm back! Hope you all had a great Holiday season and a great celebration rining in the New Year. For me, things weren't all that good, as I have lost my job (damn economic depression!) so I begin 2009 un employed and looking for a new job. It's not all that bad! As they say, one door closes and a new one opens! So keep your fingers crossed that I'll find a great job this year :)

One more positive thing is that I finally have more time to regularly update my shop and (hopefully) blog some more again! I've added so many more things to the shop, like new Bottle Cap Magnets, Zippy's, and destashing some of my kawaii items and supplies. I'm also in the process in completing an order to send to participate in the Get Eurofied Sampler Box that will go on sale of Feb 1st! I'll tell you all more about that soon!

For now i'll leave you with a little tease, a bunch of new magnets I made :)

New Bottlecap Magnets


  1. My workmate, Nic, just mentioned how "clever and adorable" your bottle-cap magnets are. :)

  2. a happy belated new year to you too! love the bottle cap magnets!! soo much fun!!

  3. I mentioned your magnets in my blog about Get Eurofied! Your magnet was my favourite item!

  4. Hello Chee!
    I didnt forget your birthday. I swear. Did you have a good one? I hope so! I'd planned to message you on the day, but as it turned out my ISP didnt connect my internet at home on time, so I've had to leave it until a spare moment at work to jump online. Anyways, I hope you're well?
    Love S. xo


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